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After fourlong months, we will resume gathering for worship beginning July 12th. We will not be meeting together in the sacturay, but in three separate locations throughout the church; the Sanctuary, the Fellowship Hall and the Adult Sunday School room. As can be expected, in order for us to meet we have had to make some changes and we need to implement some new procedures. We do not want you to be caught unaware so please take a moment to review this list. 


Some of the changes:


  • Arrive a bit earlier. Please plan an arriving a little earlier than usual in order to keep social distancing possible

  • 50-person limit. We are limited to 50 and under within each location throughout the building.  There are a few families that have decided not to return immediately for safety concerns. 

  • Livestream. The Livestream will continue for the foreseeable future. It will be available for the 10:30 service only

  • Sign in. There will be a sign in sheet. Please place a check mark next to your family as you arrive. This information is only being kept for the information and safety of our Congregation. In case you, or somebody else contracts the Covid-19 virus who has been in the building, your family would be notified. These records will NOT be shared with government authorities. They are for internal purposes only.  They will be shredded after three weeks.

  • Masks. We would ask that you wear a mask as you enter and exit the building. Masks are not necessary to wear in the Sanctuary or the Fellowship Hall, we leave that up to your conscience. However, masks are mandatory in the Adult Sunday School room.

  • Singing. We will be singing in both the Sanctaury and the Fellowship Hall. If you would like, you may wear your mask in those locations. In the Adult Sunday School room there will be no singing. Please worship along with the singing in that location.

  • Social Distancing. You will notice that every other pew is taped off. Please sit in an open pew and be aware of 6-foot social distancing. Families can sit together. Larger families may have to sit in separate pews. Feel free to move chairs in both the Fellowship Hall and the Adult Sunday School room and sit together as families, but keep social distancing in mind with others.

  • Physical Contact. Because of the social distancing guidelines, we would ask that no hugging or handshaking take place within the church building. I know for some this is an easy guideline to keep, but for others it is difficult. Please keep others in mind when tempted. 😊

  • Hand Sanitizing stations. There will be plenty of pump hand sanitizers throughout the Sanctuary in Fellowship Hall and in the Adult Sunday School room. Please utilize them as necessary. 

  • Entering and Exiting. Please only enter and exit through the same door. The Sanctuary will utilize the Green front doors; the Fellowship Hall will utilize the left side entrance and the Adult Sunday School room the entrance to the right of the church.

  • Restrooms. Please use the restroom assigned to your area. Adult Sunday School room will use the bathroom upstairs. The sanctuary will use the bathroom on the right downstairs. The Fellowship Hall will use the bathroom to the left downstairs.

  • No Bulletins.  Please be aware that you will not be passed a bulletin as they have potential of carrying the virus.

  • No Communion. There will be no communion yet. When we do resume communion, we will have pre-packaged, sealed, individual communion sets for the foreseeable future. More on that to come.

  • The Offering. An offering plate will be taken by an usher in each location. The plate will not be passed, but you can place it in as the usher passes your row. 

  • Please dress warmly. The doors and a few windows will be open to improve air circulation and fans will be utilized so please dress accordingly.

  • No nursery or childcare. For those families with children under the age of 5, there will be no child care during the service.  We have also created a little play area for young children in the corner of fellowship hall to help you.

  • Supplies. Since all supplies have been removed from the sanctuary, please bring things you might need. E.G Personal Bibles, distractions for small children, Kleenex, note pads, etc.

  • Dismissed by row. At the end of the service please wait to be dismissed by an usher in order to keep social distancing possible

  • No Lemonade on the Lawn. There will be no drinks and snacks available, but we want to encourage you to stick around outside and fellowship!

  • Stay Home if ill. At this time of heightened awareness, we would ask that you self-monitor and if you are not feeling well, please stay home as a way of loving the body.

  • Those wishing to return to worship. We understand that some have decided to stay home for a while and return to worship at a later date for safety concerns or quarantine reasons. We completely understand. Return when you feel safe. We love you! For you, the Livestream will continue at the 10:30 service hour only.


It must be stated that if you do not feel well or are showing symptoms of the Covid-19 virus, please stay home. 

The elders would like to encourage you, if your conscience will allow, to come to worship and not lean too heavily on the Livestream as a substitute. Gathering in person is worth it! For us to be together, to praise and worship God, to give Him glory as His chosen body is spiritually nourishing. Worship is what we are called to and all long to do again as a body. 


If you have any thoughts or comments please contact one of the elders. 


We look forward to seeing you on Sunday July 12th!

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