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Connecting at SWHCC

We are a relationship-driven church. That means that we have very few programs that facilitate connectedness here at SWHCC. Instead, if you are a newcomer or someone who wants to develop deeper relationships, we encourage you to get involved in various ways as listed and described below.


This is the first and most important way to become part of the community here. We  value church membership very highly here and take the vows of membership seriously as a commitment to serve and care for one another. Most of the ways to serve in our body demand that you hold membership here.


Share a meal with someone

One of the best (but sometimes most uncomfortable) ways to connect is to invite or be invited over to someone's house for a meal or activity. But taking that step to get to know the body here is probably the most effective. It is the closest way we can emulate the early church in their pursuit and promotion of a hospitable Gospel culture. 

Stick around after the Service

One very simple and easy way to express hospitality is to simply stay around after the conclusion of our morning service.  We offer light refreshments for both adults and children as a way to encourage you to stay around and talk, to speak to visitors and to people you don’t know, and to make initial connections with others in the church. It's part of how we're building a church that feels like the family of God.

Get Involved in a Small (Discovery) Group

Getting involved in one of our weekly Discovery Group (our small group name) is one of the best ways to connect quickly and deeply with a group of people here at SWHCC. Please see our Discovery Group page for more details.

Prioritize Relational ​Opportunities

There are a few activities that we do throughout the year such as church clean ups, the end-of-summer picnic, special fellowship dinners, etc. We recommend that you prioritize these events in your personal or family calendar in order to develop relationships.

Discipleship Relationships

We believe that the Bible holds out an examples of living in community together that includes close, intimate and accountable relationships. We endeavor to emulate that here at SWHCC, so we encourage people who join to actively seek out and establish discipling relationships in their lives (1-on-1, a few men/women together, etc.) in order to be continually challenged and encouraged in our growth as a believers.

Start Serving

The Bible tells us that each member of a local body has been given specific spiritual gifts and passions that they are to use first and foremost in the context of the local body (1 Cor 12:6).  One of the best ways to begin developing deep relationships is to serve others using your giftedness. Thus we encourage and expect each member to be serving in some capacity here at SWHCC for those purposes.

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